I’m a gamer. I’ve been here since my childhood, I’m here now and I will be here until I died.

You cannot take my identity away and can’t kill it for your own gain, so you can build something different on the ashes of my community, just because it doesnt satisfy YOUR needs.

We need to include women in gaming? We have always been here, what the hell are you talking about? Do you mean the women coming now are somehow better than us? Have we not been doing a good job, opening spaces?

You started a war and now it’s time you own up to it and fight.

Because we will.

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Why people keep complaining on how oversexualized the Milo Manara Spiderwoman alternative cover is. Is Milo Manara, he draws PORN (or erotica :3) Is like I complained about a Batman cover drawn by Julius….damn, that would be really homoerotic and wit a lot of peen and buttholes.

I kinda wanna see it now.

Milo Manara Spiderwoman cover sexualization objectification comics

You beautiful specimen.

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